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Industry Challenge Exclusive to Defence Engage

Here's your time to shine!

A client of Defence Engage has reached out to tap into our network.

They are looking for SMEs that can supply any of the requirements listed, whether the company is UK-based or international, with solutions of any TRL. For finished solutions, they are looking for suppliers who have the ability to supply to ideal lead-times of 6-8 months.

What's next? Indicate your interest. Fill in your company details below highlighting the capabilities you can provide, plus a short 500 word summary of what you can offer in this area. 

Our client will then review all applications, with successful applicants invited to further discussion.

Deadline to express interest: Thursday 9th November 2023

If you have any questions, or would like assistance in your application, please reach out to us via

Can your company assist with any of the following technology/commodities:-

  • Test Equipment- designer/producer
  • Optical Atomic clock technology
  • Composite supplier for RF transparent radomes
  • Aerospace Bearings
  • Germanium supply- in raw blank format used by Optics suppliers
  • High power fibre components
  • Freeform optics design and/or manufacture
  • High performance optical coatings design and/or manufacture
  • Mid-IR (2-5 µm) laser sources
  • Digital Beam Forming
  • Lastly, SMEs for PCB, Firmware, Digital, and RF - design capabilities – who would accept transfer of foreground IP to our client for any design work undertaken.