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Advanced Nano Technologies & Scientific Limited (ANTS)

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 Advanced Nano Technologies & Scientific Limited (ANTS)

ANTS is a small privately-owned UK-based product research, development and manufacturing company, involved with innovative technology breakthroughs and the commercialisation and subsequent exploitation into UK and USA export (DTI controlled) markets.

Focussing on innovative, novel and game changing R&D in robotics and sensors while embedding the thoughts and wishes of clients allows us to be dynamic & reactive to today’s market.

Nano Unmanned Air System UAS with all the monolithic interfaces for sensors to enable autonomous flight and Fortis UAS is nano size UAS (<250grms) with all electronics, hardware, and SW all design and built in the UK.

We have implemented a complex control system for the autonomous flight and ISR data gathering via 4K, EO and IR at 256x190 (future 320x240 and 640 x 480) all at 25/30 Hz.IR  imaging cameras and other payloads (field changeable) for example, disruptive / deceptive  and active sensor, and drop payload items. Range and operating of 4km and 30> mins airtime dependant on environmental condition.

All the uplink and down link for data and control at encrypted to AES256bit with GCS having same capability.

Other micro size version of Fortis will be available for longer flight operations and larger payloads for our current store.


Contact for details via our web site or call our office +44(0)208 398 2683



United Kingdom
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