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Aegiq is the only company in the world on track to deliver field-deployable and affordable quantum computers. There are three key critical parts to this: scalable foundry manufacturing; efficient small photonic modules; and plug-in compatibility with existing IT infrastructure. We’ve produced all the photonics (designed to have inherent compatibility) but there remains scope for enhancing manufacturing. A 20-qubit computer is expected within a year and up to 200 qubits planned in two years.

The existing portfolio of solutions covers frontier cybersecurity and high-performance computing. The focus is on generating income from opportunities in which quantum has advantage, such as acceleration of machine learning, beyond the limits of digital technologies. Aegiq is partnering with key global players in defence, aerospace, telco and security, and received substantial government backing with 5 technology development projects. Powered by a team of 16, with advanced degrees and industry track record.


United Kingdom
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