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Air Rescue UK Ltd

Air Rescue UK Ltd

Air Rescue UK Ltd was initially formed in 2014 to support AAR Airlift with the winning bid for the UK MoD Search & Rescue Contract in the Falkland Islands. 

That Contract has been live for 7 years with Air Rescue UK delivering 100% against KPI's for Operational Support with trained and qualified SAR Technical Crew, Hoist Operators and Winchmen/Rescue Swimmers.
Since those early days Air Rescue UK has worked with large multi-national companies supporting contract bids for national and regional projects while also supporting smaller operators to deliver diverse operations.  In the later, we have built strong links in Africa supporting short- and long-term contracts. 

We continue to work on growth in Helicopter Operations and Training by exceeding our partners and their customer’s needs, especially working within the regulatory frameworks of NAA’s, EASA and, for Search and Rescue, National regulatory bodies  and industry regulation such as the IOGP & ORAG. 

In late 2022 Air Rescue UK partnered with Bluedrop Training & Simulation of Canada to provide simulator-based Helicopter Crew training across Europe, Middle East & Africa.  Air Rescue Training & Simulation Ltd was established, a subsidiary, as the vehicle for all future training activity.  The first Simulator was installed in April 23 and ARTS will launch its training centre in June 23.

Our Mission is to be the number one support for Helicopter Operators in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and further afield, who need to provide Rear Crew training for Military Operations, Search & Rescue, Hoist Operations, HEMS, Law Enforcement & Commercial Air Transport. 

With strong relationship management, a can-do attitude, and the ability to react quickly we have built a reputation amongst a small but strong network of companies and operators we trust to work with.

Air Rescue UK is a member of the British Helicopter Association.


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