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Akimbo Technologies Inc.

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Our real-time cybersecurity solution (DEFENSA) is developed around our patented distributed fault tolerant computing solution. Its application to cybersecurity enables real-time detection, correction, and healing against cyberattacks without false positives/negatives or relying on a cloud connection. We have two deployment options: inline appliances (DEFENSA Inline) that can be easily and affordably added to military ships already in use, and a software-only option (DEFENSA Embedded) that can co-reside in specific ECUs for those marine vessels or combat vehicles still in design. Regardless of deployment option, DEFENSA captures all attack attributes for analysis and potential weaponization.  These attributes are logged and can then transferred to a remote Security Operation Center (SOC) when network access is available and reliable.  When designed in at a system level, DEFENSA Embedded achieves application resiliency to aid in safeguarding the ship or combat vehicle from potentially fatal cyber threats.  DEFENSA Embedded is ideal for both human-guided and autonomous ships and combat vehicles. In short, our solution provides “real-time cyber safety and security by design”. 


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