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Altana Ai

Altana Ai

Altana focusses on transforming reactive, vulnerable, and fragmented supply chains into proactive, resilient, and integrated networks with unparalleled visibility, insights, and collaboration. But, this theatre of global competition that is the global supply chain, can be a maze and you need a map to help navigate this. The Altana Atlas is the only dynamic, intelligent, shared map of the global supply chain. It connects and learns from the world’s supply chain data - including public and non-public data - in order to build a shared source of truth. Working in close partnership in areas of National Security, Defence and Supply Chain Resilience, the Altana Atlas is embedded with some of the most important Five Eyes Defence organisations around the world. The Atlas enables unique artificial intelligence derived data insight to power creativity and innovation for National Security planners and analysts. Boosting resilience for extended supply chains and procurement, automated investigations, target discovery and innovative target development to unearth adversary activity; and delivering net new information that is inherently actionable. The Atlas is the shoulders upon which analysts can stand. It allows for investigative users to interrogate granular data to deliver operational advantage and risk mitigation.


United Kingdom
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