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Anduril Industries

Anduril is a defence technology company with the mission to transform UK, U.S. & allied military and national security capabilities. By bringing the expertise, technology, and business model of the 21st century’s most innovative companies to the defence industry, Anduril is changing how military systems are designed, built, and sold.

Anduril’s family of systems is powered by Lattice OS, an AI-powered software platform that turns thousands of data streams into a real-time, 3D command and control center. By integrating Lattice OS with first and third-party hardware, Anduril provides a system of systems approach that leverages cutting-edge AI, computer vision, machine learning, and sensor fusion technology to support a variety of missions, including counter UAS (CUAS), air & missile defense, ISR & targeting, counter intrusion, border security, mission systems integration, and multi-domain command and control.

With experience automating the operations of hundreds of robotic systems deployed in tactical environments around the world, Anduril is a proven leader in developing and fielding integrated autonomous solutions across a wide variety of sensors, effectors and assets across domains.


United Kingdom
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