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Blending live and synthetic environments to enhance tactical realism and deliver tougher training.

ASTi solutions include:

  • Simulated radio communications
  • 3D environmental sound for flight simulators
  • Live radio bridge to IP networks, remote radio control
  • Sound & radio for JTAC/CAS training
  • AI-driven simulated ATC environments (SERA)
  • Automating intelligent constructive entities

Our products serve military and civilian training, as well as experimentation, test-evaluation, and operational programs.

ASTi products are interoperable, IA-focused, and can operate in virtual environments and in the cloud.

ASTi builds systems that provide networked, on-demand services for: voice communications, high-fidelity simulated radio environments, unified live-to-synthetic comms (integrating RoIP, VoIP, phone, LMR), simulated ATC environments, 3D sound environments, voice capture & replay for analysis & after-action review, and voice-interactive capabilities that automate constructive simulation environments. Product deployment options include: virtualization, cloud environments and SaaS/TaaS enterprise agreements.

Our products offer APIs to ease integration with COTS/GOTS products and are validated interoperable across all major DoD training initiatives. Our products also currently hold DoD ATO accreditation to meet our customers' strict information assurance (IA) requirements.

ASTi's powerful, ready-to-deploy comms and audio systems enhance your training environment and make it more effective.

Products: Telestra, Voisus, SERA, Pilot PT, Redsim, Solo




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