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AVRT - Adaptive VR Training

  • | ISO 9001
  • | ISO27001:2005
  • | AR/VR/MR Based Training
  • | Simulation Systems Hardware
  • | Training & Simulation
  • | Weapons Simulation and Training
  • | Small Arms Simulation and Training
AVRT - Adaptive VR Training

AVRT is designed for scenario and combat training, up to and including the use of lethal and less-lethal force. The platform removes approximation from all aspects of training through the use of advanced VR technologies.

The AVRT – Adaptive Virtual Reality Training platform is a cutting edge, fully immersive and wireless free-roam VR system. Designed for the training of Emergency Services, Military and High-Risk operatives, in scenarios that may be difficult or prohibitive to simulate otherwise.

The system has been developed in a truly Human-centric way, with feedback from over 5000 Military and Law Enforcement personnel from the UK and beyond.

Integrated real-world weapons and objects, detailed environments and an extensive library of characters, weapons and situations allow instructors to build a training simulations that are tailored to the exact learning outcomes desired, delivering existing curricula and frameworks out of the box.

There are no controllers and no buttons to learn. Through natural movements and behaviours, user adaption time is virtually zero – allowing trainees to focus immediately on the content and the learning. 

First person and full 3D replays, body positioning and metrics such as distances and shot placement all come together to provide effective assessment methods that aren’t possible with traditional training provisions. 

The AVRT system is commercially available.


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