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Axio Biosolutions

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At Axio, our mission is to revolutionize the field of Bleeding Control on a global scale. With a focus on cutting-edge bio-materials expertise and a deep understanding of modern medicine and engineering, we strive to create innovative solutions for advanced bleeding control kits that not only save lives, but prioritize patient comfort.

Our flagship product, Axiostat, utilizes Protonated Bioadhesive Technology (PBT™) to achieve haemostasis in a swift and efficient manner. Tested and proven in high-pressure battlefield situations, this technology allows special forces to quickly and easily control profuse bleeding caused by on-field calamities.

Recommended for a range of injuries, including deep wounds, gunshot injuries, head and neck trauma, cuts, and lacerations in lower extremities. Axiostat Military haemostatic dressings are expertly designed to provide effective bleeding control in combat operations. With Z-fold and rolled gauze variants available, Axiostat offers versatile and effective solutions for a wide range of injuries with a compact and easy-to-carry packaging that includes a rugged metal pouch and camouflage patch which is ideal for military personnel who require swift and efficient bleeding control in emergency situations.


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