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BAR Associates Ltd

BAR: Realising strategic value from innovation – Understand, Collaborate, Solve

We share a passion to generate value from innovation activity – value that supports strategic goals with high value to both Defence and SME innovators. We believe this requires five interconnecting services that can generate exploitable value from the innovation ecosystem and enables problem solving through collaboration:

  1. Intelligent matching of suitable innovation contributors to challenges. Through understanding the Defence challenge, rather than the perceived requirement, a diverse network of creative approaches and application of innovation from SME’s can be repurposed to meet the Defence need.  
  2. Impartial brokerage. BAR is trusted to present solutions where the SME understands and works with the mechanism of Defence procurement that facilitates fairness and value for both.
  3. Developing business readiness. BAR supports the SME to understand the opportunity, helps to prepare the business and appropriately targets the innovation to meet Defence challenges. 
  4. Wiring the ecosystem. This new model for achieving innovation at pace is achieved through broader ecosystem engagement and works through collaboratively exchanging ideas with new products or alternative uses for existing products and services. 
  5. Nurturing complementary innovation support capabilities. BAR understands all of what is needed to deliver an effective business and provides the support for the SME to fill the gaps to realise their strategic value.

Underpinned by a business model that balances the nature of public procurement with the appetite for the right innovators to commit to their own growth, BAR can effectively form a collaborative bridge that enables the ‘system’ to move forward where value is created for all.


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