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BISON Group Ltd

BISON Group Ltd

Take charge of your container operations with Bison’s self-sufficient container lifting and weighing systems. With Bison, you’ll remove reliance on third parties, reduce costs, raise productivity, and improve safety. Bison container lifting jacks provide a fast, safe and economic way to lift shipping containers on and off truck trailers. C-Lifts are a convenient alternative to cranes, and a fraction of the cost to own and maintain compared with traditional container handling equipment.


Trusted to perform

Bison combines first-class engineering, industrial strength components and rigorous manufacturing, to deliver quality equipment you can trust to perform in the toughest conditions.


Putting you in control

With Bison you'll get more self sufficiency and control over your operations, and the freedom to lift and weigh containers without relying on contract cranes, truck scales and heavy handling equipment.


From solutions to support

Working with Bison means exceptional service at every touch point, from our multi-lingual sales team, to our comprehensive training and global support network.


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