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Carter Manufacturing Limited

Carter Manufacturing Limited

As a globally-acclaimed supplier of a wide range of aerospace and defence bearings & tooling equipment, Carter Manufacturing Ltd. take pride in having a long heritage of supporting diverse military and aerospace applications, for over 20 years. We are the first choice for comprehensive bearing and engineering support to various top-of-the-line names, in the military and aerospace industries like Leonardo, BAE Systems, Airbus, Boeing, Cobham, Kongsberg, Lockheed Martin, etc. throughout Europe, the UK, the USA, and beyond.

Carter’s specialised defence bearing products such as thin section bearings, lightweight slewing bearings for military turrets, cam followers, spherical bearings and custom military bearings are considered an integral part, today, of a variety of commercial aircraft, military jets, and spacecraft. They are also utilised in several revolutionary technologies, including laser range finding, military robots, radar systems and optical sighting systems. Our bearings offer exceptional rigidity and precision in critical military applications while being strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant in high temperatures, speeds and loads.

Our unwavering commitment to quality is evidenced by our accreditation with widely recognised standards like ISO 9001 and AS9120 as well as our ‘Approved Supplier’ status with several high-end speciality Bearing Manufacturers like UNASIS Bearings, Silverthin Bearings, KMS Bearings, NES, UTA & Carter Inc. etc.

For enquiries, please call:

CARTER UK: +44 1865 821 720

CARTER EUROPE: +34 960 130 938

CARTER USA: +1 888 501 5444

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