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Cetecom Advanced GmbH

cetecom advanced stands for the testing and certification of electronic products, whether with or without telecommunications interfaces. cetecom advanced masters the worldwide approval regulations and applies them professionally for the fast, industry-independent approval and market launch of its customers’ devices. By measuring radio interfaces, electromagnetic compatibility as well as electrical safety in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, cetecom advanced supports quality improvement. 

In the environmental simulation laboratories of cetecom advanced, products are also tested for their resistance to environmental influences or even – as in the case of battery safety tests – subjected to destructive tests.

The tests in the laboratories for “Payment & Identification” of cetecom advanced create the prerequisites for the approvals of devices for cashless payment transactions, such as credit cards, readers for bank cards and, in addition, ATMs on the basis of diverse accreditations of the banking industry.

The range of products tested in the accredited laboratories of cetecom advanced is broad and extends, for example, from vehicle subassemblies (e-marking), contactless credit cards and hearing aids to magnetic resonance tomographs.

In addition, cetecom advanced can execute test for military application in particular in respect to antennas and in terms of e.g. 3D antenna pattern and related characteristics. Example: 3D pattern of a circular polarized antenna for the VHF marine band.


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