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Datum Design

Datum Tool Design Ltd are an independent design company who provide technical design and consultancy to major airframe manufacturers and their suppliers and to automotive companies.   

We specialise in tooling for composite parts from simple fairings through to primary structure such as integrally stiffened wings and fuselage sections. We compliment our composite knowledge with assembly fixtures, ICY fixtures, trimming and drill tooling for both manual and automated operations.

Our composite expertise extends to advanced moulding of composite parts such as Resin Transfer Moulding, Resin Transfer Infusion and Same Qualified Resin Transfer Moulding for one shot parts where and assembly was previously required and for high tolerance interfaces.  

We currently provide our service direct to Airbus in France, Germany and UK and their first tier tool suppliers. To Bombardier in UK and their first tier suppliers. And to Boeing, Dassault, Embraer, HAL indirectly through the global tool manufacturing supply chain.  

We have partnership agreements in place with tool makers worldwide including USA, Australia, Europe and UK.


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