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Delta Digital Video

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Delta Digital Video

Delta Digital Video is a high-performance video compression product line that includes products designed for airborne, ground-mobile, and network-centric applications. These products are based on industry standards such as SMPTE, DVI/HDMI, NTSC/PAL, and VESA video formats, as well as H.264, H.265, MPEG-2, and JPEG2000 video compression. In addition, the product line also includes support for the MPEG-2 transport stream protocol, RTP/UDP streaming, synchronized audio and metadata, and the government's motion imagery standards profiles. Utilizing state-of-the-art multimedia processors, our products provide the flexibility to deliver high-quality video over wide-band or "disadvantaged" links and networks. In addition, our strict adherence to digital video and communications standards ensures interoperability with new and existing multimedia infrastructures.


In addition to our video encoders and decoders, we also offer to scan conversion products that convert standard and non-standard raster or stroke video signals to support mixing, recording, display, or transmission for new and legacy video formats. Our scan converter line has evolved from a standard resolution monochrome capability to support scaling and mixing both standard and high-definition analog and digital video formats. In addition, implementing an advanced scaling engine, high-speed digital video processing, and support for industry-standard video formats has enabled broader applications for this diverse product line.


Other Delta Information Systems companies include Acroamatics, Ampex Data Systems, GDP, & Wideband Systems.


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