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Dynamit Nobel Defence

Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH (DND), headquartered in Burbach, Germany, is a global leader in the field of shoulder-launched weapons for dismounted combat. We look back at more than 60 years of experience in the development and production of munitions for anti-tank, anti-armor, and multipurpose uses. Warfighters from all over the world rely on our combat-proven weapons. DND's portfolio contains various product lines of man-portable, lightweight, recoilless, single-use shoulder-fired weapons for combat distances ranging from close quarters to over one thousand meters. All DND munitions can be fired from confined space. Our shoulder-fired weapons, which come in 60mm, 90mm and 110mm warhead calibers, are cost-effective, maintenance-free, and incredibly easy-to-use. Their design makes our systems perfect individual assault assets, highly effective in enhancing soldier lethality and providing the ability to overmatch any opponent across all operations, theaters and environments.


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