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EXO Insights Corp

EXO Insights Corp

EXO Insights helps global companies drive the full performance potential of their teams in highrisk, mission-critical environments where safety and precision are top priorities.

EXO Insights measures the “how” of training, allowing commanders, instructors, troops, and leaders to improve their learning and performance skills by understanding their personal and interpersonal potential and applying performance improvement techniques..

The EXO BioTwin® platform transforms and builds on existing training standards to move the forces past traditional training methods. Our BioTwin®  collects individualized Behavioural Biometric indicators using military-quality biosensors, including visual and stress profiles.

Commanders and Instructors rely on experience and observations to provide actionable insights to soldiers and sailors during training exercises. Based on our  experience at the AWE 2021 in the UK Army, our platform turns out fast and actionable indicators focused on improving performance. BioTwin® targets 3 specific areas of Human Performance Behaviour:

- Team Cohesion;

- Cognitive Load/Overload,  and;     

- Situational Awareness.


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