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Flare Bright Ltd

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Flare Bright Ltd

Flare Bright is a global-leading machine learning digital twin company. We model all types of unmanned aircraft to solve sensing, navigation, control and optimisation problems. This allows organisations to test and evaluate rapidly, and has enabled us to create unique capabilities for drones which have evolved from instant aerial imagery to in-flight wind-sensing and GPS-free flight.

Flare Bright solves the problem of “what to do if GPS fails” for drone operations by using smarter, software-based INS. This gives a critical additional layer of redundancy for added safety. Flare Bright is a developer of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) in software, using standard MEMS sensors that are typically utilised by all drones. We have used a machine learning digital twinning approach to model aircraft aerodynamics, control surface and propulsor performance in all areas of the flight envelope, which enables hyper-accurate Position and Navigation (PNT) for any drone type. Flare Bright has proven its technology on smaller drones, and have secured contracts from the US Department of Defense, the UK’s Ministry of Defence and some of the major defence Primes to enable these drones to fly in GNSS-denied Environments


United Kingdom
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