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Hoynck bv

Hoynck bv

Team Hoynck is an internationally-operating company that aims to relieve its market-leading clients of burdens and difficulties through the provision of high-quality services: ‘Just Quality’. Areas for attention include events, attendance of trade fairs, or other assignments whereby adequate project management is desired. The company is an authority in its field. Over the past four decades, the company has built up a reputation for reliability and exclusivity. This is mainly due to the personal contact, client loyalty, short lines of communication, and the short response time. The result is innovative designs and professional turnkey concepts. Thanks to its 100% independent position, the client is offered the maximum that is achievable in terms of creativity and price. Hoynck relieves its clients of all burdens by offering its specialized one-stop-shop concept. This saves precious time. The long-term relationships with clients are founded on focus and commitment. The competent Hoynck Team has a good eye for detail, and never takes NO for an answer. The enthusiastic, creative, and predominantly young employees are highly educated and disseminate Hoynck's quality awareness and drive in the results of their everyday work. Creativity and innovation are priorities, and high quality goes without saying. This is ensured through the use of the latest digital developments, supplemented by the personal touch of the team. Trendsetting is a constant, and solutions are devised at the highest level.


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