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HSP Technologies Inc.

Hyper-Sub Platform Technologies Inc. (HSP) is the design house that created, developed and builds the Fast Boat Submarine (FBS), the world’s first dual modality, dual use marine vessel operating equally efficiently as both a long- range speedboat and pressure proof, dry cabin submarine. The ingenious design is highly scalable and modular, employing multiple different cabin configurations and payload packages for a wide variety of Littoral Concepts including  crewed or uncrewed operations. It can also be upgraded with after-market capabilities and weapons systems as emerging technology and requirements develop, including full autonomy and swarm or other AI algorithms. As a speedboat, FBS can be launched from any host vessel, small dock, beach or river estuary, can travel hundreds of miles on the surface and arrive quickly at a dive site; then unlike any other vessel before, it can submerge in under sixty seconds for extended periods and long distances as an electric submarine, to a depth of 500ft (150m), by engaging a few control switches. All while keeping crew/payload dry, warm and safe from the effects of pressure.


United States
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