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Manufactured in the UK, LifeSaver® products are portable water purification devices that are pressurised with a built in hand pump. This air pressure forces water through the approximately 15 nanometre (0.015 micron) hollow fibre membrane pores of an ultra filtration cartridge and out through the exit nozzle, leaving microbiological contamination behind. LifeSaver purification technology essentially provides a physical barrier against viruses, bacteria and cysts. No chemicals or electrical power is required.

This, combined with our unique and patented ‘failsafe’ technology – which ensures that the product stops working when the filter needs to be changed, protecting the user – delivers a product range that is unmatched.

LifeSaver® technology satisfies military requirements for large supplies of clean water in fast-moving operational environments. LifeSaver technology provides personnel with the ideal military water purifier for use at base or in the field. They are especially useful for teams operating deeper in the field, beyond regular base supplies. LifeSaver filtration technology will purify unreliable municipal water supplies, rainwater, water taken directly from lakes, rivers, ponds, and even muddy puddles, allowing the user to make thousands of litres / gallons of clean safe water.


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