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Ionian Pello Tecnologies Limited

Ionian Pello Technologies (IPTS Ltd) is a UK based SME set up to commericalise several years of R&D developing Active Marine Barrier Systems, a patented new class of vessel to protect lives livelehoods and critical national infrastructure from the inceasing threat of hurricane induced storm surge. 

IPTS Ltd. was incorporated to commercialise our founder’s historic applied research and development, which originated with Scottish efforts and assistance from various international industry stakeholders, and industry specialist advisories.

We are currently actively engaging within internationally funded coastal restoration and protection programs, whilst we are in progressive discussions with end-users for operating AMBS.

IPTS Ltd. business model is to licence our IP to end-users, enabling manufacturing contracts and deployment of AMBS vessels, for purposes of operating the AMBS vessels within both Hurricane and Typhoon storm seasons, to reduce the storm wave impact damage, to coastal cities and infrastructure assets. 


United Kingdom
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