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Kinsetsu Limited

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  • | Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials PLUS
Kinsetsu Limited

Kinsetsu helps organisations maximise asset utilisation with real-time visualisation. Using intelligent sensors they create a unique digital identity for each physical asset, enabling associated tasks to be automated. This significantly reduces the time to task-completion, improves staff and service utilisation whilst lowering risk and ensuring compliance in complex daily operations.


What We Deliver

Optimise business processes with smart sensor-based solutions


We automate intensive manual tasks to improve client efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

Maximise Productivity

Our solutions reduce the time to complete long and manual tasks to seconds, driving more productive teams and improved customer service


We don’t just tag the asset, we record critical information about the asset to help customers remain compliant, ensuring the safety of your staff and customers.


We create a unique digital footprint for all assets across their lifetimes, and record where, with whom and in which vehicle they have been. We also validate asset safety and compliance information.

Reduced Risk

Kinsetsu provides audit trails for each asset, using automation to ensure compliance, helping to lower corporate risk.

Returns on Investment

The asset management improvements delivered through our solutions often pay for themselves within months.


United Kingdom
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