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LiveLink Aerospace

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LiveLink Aerospace

LiveLink Aerospace has developed an innovative air surveillance system that gives a clear, accurate, user-friendly and cost-effective solution to assist with securing airspace for defensive and pro-aviation-related activities.

Keeping your airspace secure and functional

Whether it's terror groups attempting to make a statement, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) surveillance, or the pirate broadcast of a live sporting event, intrusive drones can be an extremely challenging problem. In the wrong hands, drones can become a tool for potential harm and disruption and in current armed conflicts, the weapon of choice.

The first step to combating this problem is to know what's in the skies above you and whether or not it poses any risk to your operations. It shouldn't matter whether it's a high-security facility, an outdoor event, private property, or a correctional facility; monitoring your airspace should be a priority.

Delivering an accurate air picture with the LiveLink Air Intelligence System

Because drone technology is constantly advancing, and security will always be unique to specific site requirements, any counter-drone solution must be both agile and adaptable to its environment.

Using specifically designed hardware, bespoke firmware, and a cutting-edge software control system. LiveLink Aerospace has developed a cost-effective, mesh-based air defence solution that can be deployed and employed locally or at scale around any infrastructure that requires airspace surveillance.

Eliminating the threat whilst ensuring operational safety and peace of mind

Our technology stack includes high-level products that work in concert with our 'Command and Control' C2 human interface, Zeus. As the central hub, Zeus correlates all the data into a central system and presents the data to the operator in an easy-to-understand graphical display.


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