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Marine Tech SA/SeaCraft

Marine Tech SA/SeaCraft

About Seacraft
Marine Tech S.A. is a company based in Krosno, Poland, which designs, develops and sells innovative propulsion systems - scooters, underwater transport platforms, multi-purpose vessels, dedicated underwater navigation systems and other technologically advanced devices dedicated for underwater usage. Company products are branded under Seacraft trademark.

The company’s international success is owed to solutions which are unique on a world scale. Marine Tech S.A. is able to constantly develop and exceed the boundaries of current technology thanks to the qualified technical staff, which is present in all stages of production – from design and testing to the final assembly of the product.

Special for Specials
Seacraft submersibles are designed to put cutting-edge technology into simple, robust, and lightweight devices. Based on long development and testing in the most hostile natural environments – underwater caves, flooded mines, freezing water, and great depths – we created a revolutionary propulsion concept. Extreme power, high comfort and intuitive operation were enhanced by features and solutions crucial to gaining an advantage in modern warfare. This is how Seacraft's special line was born and developed in cooperation with the best special forces operators in the world.

Our products are designed to be lighter, faster, and simpler than everything existing on the market. Combining intuitive driving with simple service protocols and long no-maintenance intervals, we minimize the amount of training required and operational costs. To fully discover our full special offer and its advantages – we kindly invite you to further reading.
Based on the end-user request, the Seacraft construction and research and development team also develop and manufactures other elements, devices and specialized equipment for sea and underwater combat purposes. At the request of clients, technical tests of underwater equipment can be carried out.

Customized military orders
The manufacturer offers the possibility of modifying and adapting each offered product in accordance with the individual needs of the end-user.

Modifications and adaptation of products for combat purposes include:

  • camouflage coating
  • additional transport containers, and holders dedicated for weapons (for example sniper rifles)
  • production of mounting systems for ground transport units, watercrafts or flying units
  • field conditions charging systems
  • preparation for parachute deployment, and air drops
  • installation of additional signaling and control elements

A military concession is required for such individual adaptation of Seacraft products to combat purposes.

Marine Tech SA NCAGE code is 99QRH.


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