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Our mission is to help protect what our customers value most – their people, critical infrastructure and assets. 

MARSS is a technology company protecting millions of lives across the globe.

At the heart of all MARSS solutions is our AI-powered Internet of Things (IoT) platform, NiDAR Core. This platform provides a turnkey solution that fuses intelligence and surveillance to grant 360º situational awareness in a single tactical picture.

We help our customers see more across air, land, sea, and sub-surface. No matter the domain, MARSS proudly delivers tactical, life saving solutions our customers can rely on.

MARSS offers a full range of defence solutions including:

  • NiDAR CUAS COMPACT: an out-of-the-box surveillance system designed for use on mobile platforms.
  • RADiRGUARD: an intelligent all-in-on, perimeter security offering.
  • Interceptor: an AI enabled autonomous UAS that offers an intelligent, cost-effective, and low collateral solution to neutralise hostile drones.

Our values:

  • Innovation: we work to always improve and find new ways to solve problems.
  • Security: we strive to keep our people, information and our customers secure at all times.
  • Community: We value our customers and our people. They have got us to where we are today.
  • Agility: We lead our customers towards the best solutions, quickly and decisively.
  • Authenticity: What we say is in line with what we do. Delivering on commitments is integral to MARSS.

Company facts:

  • Located in Monaco, United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
  • Founded in 2005
  • Over 55 global installations
  • More than 120 employees
  • Over 10 defence and security products
  • 11,000km2 secured
  • Millions of lives protected daily


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