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Mavin Global - Powercube ltd

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Mavin Global - Powercube ltd

Mavin Defence design, build, deploy and maintain fully ruggedised, flexible, scalable and secure ‘Powercube’ Containerised Modular Critical Infrastructure solutions in the UK. These include Mission Modules, Navy Pods and Containerised Modular Data Centres, all variations of which are custom-built to specific requirements, including to advanced military specifications.

Offering endurance in every environment, the Powercube is built off-site, resulting in fast, scalable deployment worldwide. The Powercube is a ‘go anywhere’ solution that provides increased sustainability, self-sufficiency where required, and significantly reduced costs, alongside advanced security and endurance options such as tiered ballistic and blast protection.

We have provided various defence agencies with project-specific solutions which may incorporate both ballistic and LPS 1175 SR rated finishes to provide operational integrity in the harshest environments. 

Interoperability: Solutions can be designed and built to meet any standard, including but not limited to UK/US/CAN/AUS.

Custom build or modified ISO with CSC Certification.

As an existing container solution supplier to the UK Defence sector, Mavin Powercube continue to work closely with UK Defence organisations and individuals, innovating solutions to meet both general-purpose and project-specific requirements.

For more information on Mavin Defence Mission Modules please get in touch with our team.


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