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Mind Foundry

Mind Foundry

Founded by world-leading academics at the University of Oxford, Mind Foundry develops AI solutions that help organisations tackle high-stakes problems, focusing on human outcomes and the long-term impact of AI interventions. 

Mind Foundry helps open, democratic societies use AI responsibly to reduce cognitive burden and enhance decision-making so they can protect their citizens and avoid conflicts.

The Mind Foundry Platform’s complex signal processing engines ingest high throughput, multichannel data, from sonar to optical, cyber and EM, and deconstructs them to fundamental components before reconstructing as human interpretable outputs so that operators can focus on what matters.

The domain's inherent complexity makes it impossible for a single organisation to be an expert across the entire solution. Mind Foundry’s AI, Machine Learning & signal processing capabilities can be leveraged by industry partners in Defence who bring data, domain expertise, and integration. 

Together we can accomplish more and amplify each other’s existing areas of expertise.


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