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Nexor is a Secure Information Exchange Specialist offering High Assurance threat and risk mitigation expertise and solutions for complex and restricted networks globally.

Our customers benefit from a combination of our Research & Advisory Services, delivered by subject matter experts trusted to lead MOD research projects into the future of cross domain technology, and a highly customisable and flexible secure information exchange product portfolio aligned with NCSC import/export patterns and High Assurance principles.

Nexor’s agile development capability also complements our advisory services to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to enable our customers’ business and security objectives, adeptly balancing risk with budget and functionality. 


United Kingdom
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  • This is a secure network data loss prevention service, which only allows data transfer in one direction, unlike firewall-based technologies. Offers a high assurance air-gap replacement providing inter ...
  • Guardian is a data guarding service providing a secure information exchange capability. It offers high-speed and flexible content checking for cross domain applications and has been designed and devel ...
  • This is a cross domain service offering a high assurance email guard capability, designed to protect organisations by validating that in-bound and out-bound electronic messages conform to the security ...
  • This product combines secure information exchange, data loss prevention, and deep content-checking capabilities to allow interoperability and real-time knowledge sharing between different levels of cl ...
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