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Nortac Defence

  • | ISO 9001

Nortac Defence provisions TITAN BY NORTAC®.

TITAN BY NORTAC® provides a secure digital Situational Awareness and Command and Control (SA & C2) capability that operates on commercial satellites, radio and GSM/LTE networks. As a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solution, TITAN BY NORTAC® provides an affordable capability that is ready for deployment.

Designed to augment analogue or digital radio networks, TITAN BY NORTAC® satisfies the C2 & SA, security and encryption requirements of militaries in a cost effective and operationally efficient manner. It facilitates interoperability between the military and civil agencies such as police, border control, first responders, etc. It provides full location, situational awareness and communications capabilities globally, in particular rugged or austere terrain requiring Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) connectivity.

NORTAC Defence® also produces robust, field tested devices as well as iOS and Android apps. All of which connect to the TITAN BY NORTAC® platform where messaging, geofences, POIs, and more are displayed.


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