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NovAtel & Antcom

Hexagon | NovAtel is a global technology leader, pioneering end-to-end solutions for assured autonomy and positioning on land, sea, and air. For NovAtel, positioning is only assured when it is precise, accurate, reliable, available and authentic. Our solutions are critical to precision agriculture, defense, transportation, marine, and many other industry applications. Our technologies focus on GNSS and INS (Inertial Navigation Systems), including global corrections services, anti-jamming and anti-spoofing, as well as advanced algorithms for specialized applications. Antcom Corporation, part of Hexagon, designs, develops, manufactures and tests antenna and microwave products that are used in applications for position, navigation, timing and communication purposes. These products are used in a wide range of industries including survey, agricultural, aviation, military, telecom industries and more. Our extensive antenna product line includes GPS / GNSS antennas, as well a large selection of ground and satellite-based antennas with frequencies ranging from 100 MHz to 50 GHz.


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