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UNSPED Customs Brokerage & Logistics Services Co.

Ünsped Gümrük Müşavirliği ve Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş. started its commercial activities in 1981 with the title of "ÜNSPED Beynelmilel Nakliyat- M.Haluk Ündeğer".

(UGM) is your strong business partner with its technology-oriented structure, strong staff, and new and modern applications that have prioritized customer needs since its establishment.

With 41 years of experience, 1,600 employees, an extensive service network at 60 service points, and its share in customs declarations produced in Turkey (10%), UGM is the pioneer in its sector. It is managed by professional and expert staff with 80 customs consultants, 7 chemists, 5 food engineers, 35 IT specialists, 400 assistant customs consultants, and 40 consultants.

It provides reliable and high-quality services with its Corporate Governance Rating grade of “9.30”, AEO Certificate, and ISO certificates.

Thanks to its on-site R&D Center and strong IT department, UGM provides time and cost advantages for its customers through programs, modules, and specially developed software.

UGM manages, finalizes, and reports all processes in AEO (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate), CPSC (Certified Person Status Certificate), Inward Processing / Outward Processing / Investment Incentive Certificates, government supports and guarantee transactions with its professional teams.

With its expert audit staff, professional risk management, and smart IT applications, UGM provides high-quality services in post-control, AEO audits, and preventive audits. UGM also measures and minimizes risks for its customers while proposing alternative trade models and scenarios in customs and foreign trade transactions.

With its strong and specialized Technical Regulations Department, UGM offers fast and safe solutions in product safety processes, which considerably reduces waiting costs.

Determines all processes with SOPs and measures with KPIs. Through the "E-MOBIL" application and the "Customer Work Portal (CCP)" that can generate hundreds of types of reports/data, it provides the opportunity to monitor and query transactions simultaneously and enables regular reports and feedback.

It offers "Logistics services" with its A-type warehouses, temporary storage areas, free warehouses, and widespread courier network.

Besides its ETGB services for e-commerce, UGM offers global consultancy services; while providing fast, simple, integrated, and "Tailor Made" solutions in all foreign trade and customs clearance processes with its business partners in 11 countries in Europe. 


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