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OMICA is an Italy-based SME focused on development of innovative solutions exploiting emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Earth Observation and Internet of Things and modern product development approach based on models and digital twins.

OMICA was founded in 2014 by the convergence of experience and skills of a talented team of professionals who have always been involved in the design and implementation of complex systems in the Space & Defense and ICT sector; and develops highly technological management systems in application and strategic business areas, with extremely high performance results, optimizing economic-environmental resources in a sustainable perspective.

Numerous studies indicate what are the global threats to the survival of planet Earth and therefore of man, climate change, soil impoverishment, water stress, unstable areas, cyber threats, etc. .. OMICA, uses technological innovation applied to systems of intelligent management as a transformation tool that marks the transition from risk to opportunity.

Governments, companies and all business actors will be able to reposition themselves by redefining roles and value chains by adopting artificial intelligence as a new user interface in the use of the platforms of the future.

OMICA provides a unique tool to support the research and sustainable management of the various systems. Technology and innovation are therefore the main solutions to the economic, social and environmental risks of the planet; transform global threats into business opportunities to support sustainable growth.


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