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OPTICS11 is an Amsterdam based fast-growing high tech company that offers state-of-the-art fiber optic sensing systems for unmatched performance. Our products are supplied worldwide to various markets such as structural health monitoring, condition monitoring, energy, R&D, rail, defense and more. Fiber optic sensing outperform classic electrical technologies in challenging operational environments, such as in strong electrical or magnetic fields, high radiation, extreme temperatures or in liquids. Our solutions aim at detecting and monitoring the earliest signs of malfunction of critical structures and providing assets owners with precise and reliable data.

Our mission is to provide flawless fiber optic sensing systems that empower system integrators with high quality key information to break new ground and transform their industries. We at Optics11 explore new opportunities of fiber optics and are committed to continue bringing more innovative solutions to disrupt the industry.

Optics11's OTADES is an innovative thin line fiber optic acoustic towed array solution, that overcomes all challenges existing electric arrays face. The small diameter allows the array to be reelable inside a submarine, which is improving the employability, making deployment significantly faster and increasing the operational uptime.


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