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Osprey Flight Solutions

Osprey Flight Solutions

By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with world-class human analysis, Osprey Flight Solutions delivers the most powerful resource in the industry for understanding the risks in the global aviation operating environment. We use every tool, technique and technology to deliver instantaneous access to global analysis, intelligence, information and data on the aviation security environment providing an accurate, objective and dynamic picture of the threat to people, infrastructure and national borders and airspace. Our revolutionary, systematic approach to risk management improves efficiency, decreases burden, and, ultimately, enables you to understand the risks that every flight both faces and creates, improving the safety and security of the entire network. This game-changing capability is enabled by the world-class team we have at Osprey. By understanding and identifying security risks, and by constantly innovating, listening and sharing, we maximise the safety and security of all flight operations and deliver truly systematic risk management.'


United Kingdom
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