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OTM Servo Mechanism

OTM Intelligent Electro-mechanical Actuation Solutions



Closed loop power, drive, control and sensor electronics with embedded software.


Electro-mechanical Actuation

Brushless motors, hybrid gearboxes, contactless sensors, integrated electronics



High power, restricted space, precision control, reliable, durable, hostile environments, stringent requirements



UAV control surfaces, missile fin actuation, down hole oil well valve cap operation, ejector seat raising / lowering, pilot and passenger seat actuation


Call OTM

Conceptualise, design, manufacture, assemble, test, qualify and certify

'When off the shelf just won't cut it'


  • OTM actuation solutions provide superior power when confined by space and weight for any application where maximum actuator power, precision control, with high reliability in hostile environments are required.
  • OTM's engineering design and expertise consistently succeeds where others fail.
  • OTM's intelligent actuator solutions are produced to the most stringent specifications.


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