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PARKX Innovative Solutions Ltd

PARKX Innovative Solutions Ltd

An engineering company designing and supplying explosive suppression systems to end users to mitigate the unwanted effects during EOD, CMD and BAC. 

Three generations of engineers developing solutions and products in the fields of Civil, Mechanical and Explosive Engineering.  Applying sound engineering principles to solve everyday problems.


Explosive suppression & mitigation systems

  • Effective at reducing NEQ in explosives demolition
  • Up to 85% reduction in blast overpressure
  • Elimination of primary and secondary fragmentation 
  • Control of Hazardous particulate and fixation.
  • Environmentally friendly

Civil Engineering

  • 27 years experience in the industry
  • B2B relationships with 16+ major contractors and local authorities
  • Major Infrastructure
  • Buildings - Both commercial and domestic
  • Utilities - New lay and diversions

Product development

  • Utilising our skills and expertise to develop innovative products for the global market.


United Kingdom
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