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Positive Transition Ltd

Positive Transition Ltd

Positive Transition has developed to TRL6/7 a software platform to support our service people and their families through their career, through transition and into veteranhood.  We are a small team with strong governance and assurance that has boot strapped to current point, and now seeking seed investment for further development.

Through various engagements with Defence, the platform has recieved positive feedback and our aspiration now is to right size the content and services to meet the needs of MoD and the end users.

The bilateral benefits of the platform is that the end users get a personalised experience with access to Life Skills training and life managment for all elements (Accommodation, Employment, Finances, Children, Education,  Health, Wellbeing and Community).  For the MoD the aggregated and anonymised data will support in the development of People and Training Policy and Process while maintaining a "through life" connection to those serving, transitioning and ex-serving.


United Kingdom
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