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PPM Systems

PPM Systems specialises in:

  • RF over fibre systems for SIGINT/COMINT
  • Antennas and antenna systems for electronic warfare and military comms (including feeds and positioners)
  • Software-defined radio (SDR)
  • RF filtering and conditioning
  • EM spectrum and decoding receivers
  • IED/ECM defeat systems
  • RF over fibre radio extension.

Predominately working with the Government and Defence sectors, PPM can design and supply complete, customised systems meeting specific requirements. The design portfolio includes ADC signal capture, baseband processing hardware and signal analysis software, complimenting PPM's RF signal conditioning and translation expertise. Scan, decode, waveform manipulation and DAC playback are combined to deliver integrated and dynamically reconfigurable signal analysis platforms.

PPM also boasts an on-site hybrid Anechoic Chamber which allows for pre-compliance measurements of products' electromagnetic compatibility and verification of the system level performance of antenna systems.

Division of Pulse Power and Measurement Ltd; certified to ISO 9001:2015.


United Kingdom
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