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Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd

  • | ISO 9001

remier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd is the UK's leading supplier of Secured by Design community entrance steel doors, screens, windows and gates including thermally broken LPS1175 B3 (SR2); LPS1175 C5 (SR3); LPS1175 D10 (SR4); LPS1175 E10 (SR5) 'LPS2081 SRB and LPS1056 dual-certified security and fire options.


Premier has tested ballistic and blast-resistant doors, windows and screens to FB2; FB4; FB6 and FB7 level providing performance in accordance with: BS EN 1063; EN 1522; ISO 16935 and BS1523: 1999.


The explosive blast-testing of doors, framing, hinges and locking system was analysed under EXV15; EXV19 and EXV25 blast loading (ISO16933:2007).


United Kingdom
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