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Prevco Subsea

Prevco Subsea

We are a subsea engineering company, specializing in subsea pressure vessels and related accessories.  We design, manufacture, and test a range of custom and off-the-shelf housings made from different materials and for different depth and duration capabilities.  Our stock off-the-shelf range comprises both Aluminum and PVC housings, ranging in depth ratings from 100m to 2100m, and our custom housings can be made from numerous other materials capable of full ocean depths and beyond.  We also have a range of accessory items such as Pressure Relief Valves, Dual Seal Vent Plugs, Zinc Anodes, Subsea Switches and more.  The company has been specializing in this field for the last 20yrs and is solely focused on producing the most robust, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for our customers.  Our products have been in use worldwide for many years and we’re always happy to discuss new and individual requirements, whether as a one-off or prototype or a large quantity for production.  Let us know how we can help!


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