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REFLEX CES has been designing and manufacturing high-speed boards and rugged system solutions based on high-density FPGAs and embedded processors, since 2000.' Their R&D team of highly skilled engineers is focused on designing mid-to-highly complex boards and systems, thanks to their expertise in Hardware, Firmware, Software, Mechanics, CAD and Signal integrity.

Electronic warfare and radar systems are pushing technological limits, always looking for the cutting-edge features that will provide superiority to the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems. They require a huge amount of logic, DSP and parallel signal processing capabilities, high-speed memory interfaces, high-speed transceivers and lots of I/Os to interface the complex Analog RF Front-Ends, and potentially imaging systems as well.

You want to develop a high-end embedded platform based on FPGA technology that is also scalable for several of your projects. This is a complex analog and digital design, which needs to be flexible and programmable in order to acquire many high-speed signals, as well as a lot of logic and CPU/DSP processing capabilities.


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