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Specialized in underwater acoustics and robotics, RTSYS deals with both civil and defense sectors with a focus on Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Mine Counter Measures (MCM).

RTSYS manufactures ASW training target, acoustic systems (PAM, sonar calibration and characterization, acoustic signature acquisition) along with AUV and diver held sonar systems for EOD divers and Special Forces.

Every RTSYS device is run by SDA® Technology (Synchronous Data Acquisition) allowing high-computing capacities and low-energy consumption.

RTSYS' activity is divided into 4 areas of expertise:

  • ASW: Anti Submarine Warfare systems
  • MCM: Manned and Unmanned systems for Mine Counter Measures up to 300m depth
  • AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  • PAM: Passive Acoustic Monitoring systems for science and industry


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