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Safetech Innovations

Safetech Innovations Global Services is a global MSSP providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to organisations across the globe, helping our customers stay protected, secure, and compliant.

Embracing innovation has been the core of our success over the past decade by continuously investing in cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies and staying ahead of the curve to counter emerging global threats for our customers.

From advanced threat intelligence platforms and behaviour analytics to artificial intelligence and machine learning, we harness the power of innovative technologies to enhance our customer's security posture without the complexity and cost.

Over the last decade, Safetech has taken a client-centric approach, tailoring our cybersecurity solutions to their unique business requirements, industry regulations, and risk management.

Our dedicated global team of cybersecurity experts works closely with customers, offering personalised guidance, conducting thorough risk assessments, and implementing customised strategies to ensure maximum security and compliance.

The globalisation of the digital world means that cybersecurity and the geopolitical landscape are under constant threat. Our extensive experience dealing with some of the most significant nation-state threat actors sets us apart from our competition, defined by our partnership with NATO.

Our global operations operate out of the UK (London), RO (Bucharest), US (Reston), and UAE (Abu Dhabi), and we collaborate using local expert lead teams who work alongside our global cybersecurity experts.

Safetech continues to employ the best and brightest cybersecurity talent globally, ensuring our customers get the best possible service, protection, and support.


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