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Scientific Management International

Scientific Management International manufactures bespoke cable systems that form the central nervous systems of platforms operating in hostile environments, including surface vessels, submarines and aircraft. Our unassailable 'fit and forget' pressure moulded cable harnesses, through-hull penetrators and connectors reliably connect a platform's combat, communication and control systems throughout their life, ensuring operators have the performance and control they require to optimise platform effectiveness. With maintenance requirements minimised, ongoing platform costs are also reduced. SMI is showcasing its TelemetriX range on its DSEI stand. TelemetriX enables rapid, secure and dependable interoperability between critical systems, for example end-to-end sonar links for marine warfare and reliable electrical actuation on airframes in the most hostile, critical applications. SMI has an unblemished record for reliability, with over 10,000 installations and zero failures.


United Kingdom
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