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Sercel is a French company specialized in the design and manufacture of high-tech sensors since 1956, whose industrial know-how is recognized worldwide.

Sercel has been a provider of custom engineered equipment for the underwater Security & Defense markets for over 30 years. Our expertise ranges from a wide and advanced knowledge base in underwater acoustics, including sensors up to 6,000m capacity, to industry certified industrial processes. The combination of which enables us to support your most demanding and unique naval projects. 

As major player in underwater acoustic communications, adapted to the needs of the defense and oceanology markets, Sercel stands out for its ability to communicate over long ranges, using stealth communication, and is already involved in the future development of underwater acoustic communications.

Sercel relies on its sea trials maritime center based in Lorient – France to qualify and validate its equipment developments.

Areas of expertise :

- Underwater acoustic communications (discrete, high-speed image transmission)

- Underwater acoustic positioning (underwater vehicle trajectography)

- Passive acoustic surveillance

- Detection of marine mammals (localisation, classification)

- Development of customised transducers

- Seabed seismometer

- Towed linear antennas and dynamic traction cables


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