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Since 2016, law enforcement and military first-responder teams around the world have been able to benefit from SKY-HERO’s innovative Indoor Tactical Recon Robots System, unifying high-end unmanned vehicles around a single central controller, empowered by the smart operating firmware, ODYSSY.

Usually deployed in GPS-denied, ultra-confined indoor and enemy-held spaces, this smart system provides urgently needed functionality to gather critical information and enhance situational awareness via unmanned aerial (LOKI MkII sUAV) and terrestrial (SIGYN MkI sUGV) vehicles with high manoeuvrability, sophisticated sensors, and advanced algorithms.

Originally released in 2016, LOKI MkII is a highly successful, small, ruggedized tactical drone designed for short-range reconnaissance in dark, indoor, obstacle-rich environments. This gem of technology integrates a flight stabilization system that allows auto-hover without GPS even in the dark. The rugged frame and protected rotor blades ensure resilience even under “full contact” indoor flying conditions.

SKY-HERO expanded its ecosystem in 2022 with the addition of the SIGYN MkI, a pocket-sized ground robot. It is purpose-built for the collection of real-time intel in difficult-to-access and hazardous places. It is a rugged but lightweight robot constructed from aviation-grade carbon fibre and a polycarbonate frame, allowing the operator to deploy it with a single-hand throw. An embedded inertial motion sensor allows smart-drive modes and auto-selection of the forward-facing camera.

Further expanding the options available to the controller, light and sound distractive payload components bring complementary capabilities for threat response by providing additional safeguards against enemy combatants.

100% designed, developed, and manufactured in Europe in conjunction with the world’s top counterterrorism teamsand US NDAA compliant, the SKY-HERO’s Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robots System revolutionizes mission safety and has already been deployed to over 300 agencies in more than 30 countries worldwide.


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