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Solifos AG

Solifos is a company that develops and manufactures fiber optic and hybrid cables that combine fiber optics with copper conductors. The copper conductors are mainly used for power transmission and the optical fibers are used for data transmission. Solifos offers specialty cables for harsh environment, subsea and severe conditions e.g. very high and very low temperature (cryogenic) and nuclear radiation conditions. A specialty of Solifos are cables for distributed sensing to measure temperature, strain, vibrations, acoustic signals' mainly used for structural health monitoring and intrusion detection. Terminations of the cable ends are offered with harsh environment connectors and accessories for deployment in fixed installations or temporary deployment in the field. The Solifos FO-Cu-hybrid-systems include the tactical hybrid cable, harsh environment connectors, deployment aids and the data and power electronics to transport Gb/s data and kilo watts of power over kilometers of distance offering the customer interface. '


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