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Swale Technologies Ltd

Swale Technologies has been supplying quality instrumentation and equipment for over 30 years. Our wide product portfolio can be categorised as follows:


Measuring instruments such as sensors, sonars, and sondes for monitoring the likes of underwater noise, dissolved gasses, bathymetry and water quality, for example.


Enabling equipment to get the job done, including acoustic and inductive telemetry & positioning, profiling ARGO floats and mini AUVs.


Sampling equipment like Niskin bottles, rosettes, oil sheen kits and sediment grabs.


We represent manufacturers with an outstanding reputation in the market for functionality, engineering and reliability. These include Evologics, General Oceanics, Mooring Systems Inc, NKE Instrumentation, Nobska, OceanAlpha, Ocean Sensor Systems, Pro-Oceanus, RJE, RTsys, SonarTech, SoundNine, Teledyne and Turo.


United Kingdom
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